Academy Rules/Etiquette

1.   No EGOS or bad attitudes will be permitted or tolerated at this           academy.

2.   Losing your temper will not be tolerated.  Please control your                 temper at all times.

3.   Everyone is here to learn an effective system of self-defense.                 Tapping out is OK and is a big part of the learning process.  Never         brag about tapping someone out.  It happens to everyone in                     training, and it is how you will grow and improve.  Training is a               time that everyone should feel comfortable to try out new                       techniques and skills.

4.    All students share the responsibility of keeping the academy                  safe and clean.

5.    Introduce yourself to new students or students that you do not            know.  Make them feel welcome and comfortable at Helix.

6.    When an Instructor is teaching, there should be no talking.  We            are here to learn.  So, everyone should be paying attention even            when you feel that you are already familiar with the technique.

7.    When class begins, all conversation that does not pertain to BJJ          or grappling should be kept to a minimum.  There should be no              talking during the stretching warm-up as well.

8.    If you enter the Academy while another class is in session, then            come in and wait for your class to begin without disrupting the              other class.  If you need to take a call during class or while                        waiting, then please be respectful of the other students.  You                  can take the call in the changing area or outside.

9.    If an Instructor comes over to correct you during a technique,                there should be no other instructing going on.  If you are not an            Instructor, then at no time should you be trying to help                                someone through a technique while the Instructor is talking.

10.  Respect for the Academy, the Instructors, and fellow                                   classmates should be demonstrated at all times.  Please have                 respect for those around you while training is in session.  If you             accidentally run into a group of higher rank while sparring, then           respectfully move out of their way.  If you would like to train                   with a higher rank, then please wait for them to ask you.                             Asking higher ranks to train with you can be considered                             disrespectful at times.

11.  No shoes or food are permitted on the mats at any time.                             Wrestling shoes are permitted if they are used for mat use only.

12.  Students are required to wear proper grappling attire at all                     times.  Students will not be allowed on the mats in street attire             during class.

13.  Be sure to practice good hygiene before each class.  All of your             training equipment, clothing, and uniforms, must be clean                         before each training session.  If your gi or rash-guard smells                     repeatedly, then you may be asked to purchase new gear.                         Good oral hygiene should be practiced and deodorant should be           applied regularly out of respect for your classmates.  Body odor           is avoidable, and it should be prevented.  This is an important                 part of keeping our Academy sanitized and promoting a                             pleasant training environment.  The Instructor always has the               right to deny training to any student practicing poor hygiene or             any student with unsanitary attire.

14.  A shirt must be worn at all times.  Do not come out of the                           dressing room without proper attire.

15.  Mat/Training etiquette:  Keep your finger nails and toe nails cut           short for the safety of others.  Absolutely no slamming,                               finger pulling, or straight neck cranks will be tolerated.

16.  Try to be on time.  Traffic and life will happen, and                                           these circumstances are understood.  But, please do your best               to be on the mat at the start of each class.

17.  Foul language of any kind will not be tolerated within the                           doors of this Academy.

18.  All students are required to immediately report any                                     injury, health, or skin condition to the Instructor prior to class.

19.  No loud outbursts or profanity of any kind are tolerated                             during class.

20.  Absolutely no alcohol or illegal narcotics are allowed on the                   premises.

21.  DO NOT ABUSE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE MARTIAL                       ARTS.  Martial Arts should only be exercised for                                             training, competition, and for the protection of yourself and                   others.

Martial Arts Academy